Planches de surf personnalisées en sur mesure, avec impression de décos pendant la fabrication (technologie brevetée) Francais English
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The Magic Bus

90.00€ TTC
  (Price until 6'0)

"The Magic Bus" is a design by the artist Malky (Malcolm WATSOM). Avalable onto silk SilkOnboard fabric or onto covering layer for surfboards. Choose the size you want.

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The Magic Bus
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Autumn lagoon 84.00€ TTC
  (Price until 6'0)

This decoration evokes an exotic ambiance with its background of exotic wood texture, enhanced by translucent colored resin that adds a touch of mystery. It is adorned with exotic vegetation, bursts of energy, delicate flowers, and a surf atmosphere. This unique composition combines the warmth of nature with contemporary urban art, creating a decoration that speaks of adventure and diversity. Perfect for adding a touch of exoticism to your surfboard and transporting you to distant horizons.

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The Magic Bus

The All Around 9'0

710.00€ TTC

Shape : Rocker faible au nose, kick tail, cuillère, flat vee double concave.

Commentaire : Le All Around est le longboard que les team riders UWL surfent le plus. Polyvalent, il permet à la fois de noserider mais aussi de surfer très agressif, c’est ce que l’on réclame en compétition. C’est un longboard plutôt destiné à des surfers expérimentés.

Aileron : 2+1

Arrière : "Baby squash Round pin"

Materials: PU Foam + Polyester Resin
Made in France, Metropolitan
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The Magic Bus
Ideal wave size : iconWaisthigh.jpg à iconDoubleoverhead.jpg     Level:Beginner BeginnerOccasionnalGoodSurferCompetitor Pro
Sizes Volume Ideal weight (information purpose only)
9'0'' x 22' 13/16 x 2' 5/8 57.8 L from 60Kg to 100 Kg Master
9'1'' x 22' 13/16 x 2' 11/16 60.7 L from 60Kg to 110 Kg
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